Splinterlands end season rewards (awesome rewards!)

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Hi fellow Steemians / Splinterlands fans,

Wanted to share some awesome rewards I got at this season end! I was stoked at the lucky amount of awesome cards I got in one session. Last season reward was pretty awful for me just getting all common's and one or two rare's with nothing more. This reward surely made up for it though! What season are we on currently? I've been playing for the last 4 seasons recently but don't know what the number is.

splinter 1.JPG

When I saw the little screen shake animation for the legendary I was wicked excited but once the ruler of the seas popped out I was even more excited! This card is the reason I've gotten better at the game via winning and gaining good daily rewards. I've now got two of these rulers of the seas so I'm absolutely going to look into leasing them out! I don't have nearly a high enough splinter to actually use a level 3 one (my main play is level 2) so I'm going to look into getting some benefits out of my luck.

The fact that I pulled 3 gold foils in a single reward was incredible! That's certainly a first for me.

The gold foil beetle queen is a new one for me but after I checked the market, it's worth $19.00! I was like whoa, pretty awesome for a card that isn't the best on stats but I'll take another magic addition, in addition to a solid gold foil option.

Getting a gold foil dragon summoner was badass! I was definitely excited to grab one, valued at $14.70 even though I don't plan on selling it, is going to be great for the time when I can eventually join gold foil leagues.

Got me another Brownie, finally getting my guy up to level 2, added a little more HP. Looking forward to level 4 for the additional bonus!

splinter 2.JPG

I was also stoked to grab the new little chicken! This thing will be a welcome addition to my card fodder, preventing me from putting one of my other cards in the immediate flak of the enemies. Bit of a pin cushion for me on those lower point totals available battles.


I also had this fun battle where just two non-battle monsters were left and we hit the exhaustion stage, only hit that once before so it was fairly funny to me that they were both non-battle instead of healers just heal spamming.

I also had a tie but don't seem to have a screenshot of it. It's happened to me twice using the earth splinter.

What were your rewards? Share 'em with me!

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Hey Man just got kicked out of your guild :) just saw that when i wanted to tell you that you can take back ruler of the seas! i just opened it in a daily quest!! thanks a lot for leasing it to me!!!

Nice man, that’s great, congrats! Unfortunate that you got kicked out I’ll see if I can find out why and by whom. Seems foolish to kick you out.

Do you have discord? We have a great discord chat going, you should join.