Splinterlands interface suggestion

in #splinterlandslast year

Hi fellow Splinterlands enthusiasts,

Here with a potential interface enhancement I think would be great.

Anyone else wonder how specifically long it will take to restore our DEC recharge rate to 100%? I know I have!


I try to stay no lower than 75% but I’m not sure how long it takes to recharge that back to 100%. I may just be greedy or trying to maximize my efficiency but I like the battles in silver or lower gold league that I get ~30 DEC per win. I think it would be useful to know how long it takes to recharge. We can all see the percentage of maximum DEC rewards we are getting, and I know there’s a code and formula for recharge rate so let us see the clock!

What do others think? Am I weird that I like to see info, since I’m used to places with loads of it like Steempeak and Steemworld? Let me know!

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I know I would, I would also like to know much DEC I can earn per day based on my level

Yeah, that assumes wins lol I know I love seeing wins but I get crushed a lot. Lately I’ve been seeing quite a few people with level 4 and 5 and even 6 summoners in silver league I can’t understand it. They have the strength for diamond but chill in silver to be annoying?

Would be cool to see though, if you play these many battles you can earn this DEC.

I know what you mean, I get creamed regularly just trying to get my 5 wins and I'm like what's up with that? Did you see they cock teasing the mobile app now? Like just give it to us already whats the hold up

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