My first (late) impression of Splinter Lands

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It is rare for me to enter paid games (however accessible they may be)

This is not (only) because I'm greedy, but because I'm looking for massiveness and it's unusual - though not impossible - that games like Steem Monsters exist. Splinterland made one of the most massive, active and sustainable games I can remember (followed by DrugWars, where I played quite a bit in its early days)

My first surprise was the original game mechanics without interaction. The user only assembles the formation that later confronts the rival composition.

The combinations are very diverse, and as if that wasn't enough, each round has a series of restrictions that avoid monotonous formations or automated play.

You have 2 minutes to assemble a unique composition for each game.

Game RUlse.png

"Mana" its the capacity or add cards to the composition - "Rules" are unique combat modifications - "Splinters" are the factions available to chose

There are daily missions to get chests with contents that can be from cards, to potions and even DEC (the game's currency) you also get a small amount by winning ranking games.

So: What led me to enter Splinterlands? being a project that is so long ago. First of all, the fact that it has been in the crypto world for so long is a rarity.

Most blockchain-based games tend to live less time than they did in the development stage.

The only category out of this general rule are dice games, casino, chance and those kind of apps that don't call my attention.



I usually try and keep up with the games in the cryptosphere and I feel that there is still a lot to see, but SteemMonsters is a beacon, an example to follow.

They have active social networks, promote the publication of battles, create events and interact with users, offer rewards for participating in the networks which is a BRILLIANT idea and sadly little applied by other apps that seem to have started on purpose to stay in the underground.

Steemmonsters instead seems to be a solid project with a long term strategy which predicts a bright future!

I think this is the first time I write such a positive post about an app (those who know me a little know how critical I usually am)

This is all my dear hivers we are reading to each other! Leave your comments! Have you tried steemmonsters? YOU SHOULD HAVE!



Yeah, the game is a class of its own. It is called 'Splinterlands' now, by the way.

Thanks! Ill keep it on mind!