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RE: Splinterlands Land Presale - Stage 2 Details

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At roughly the same time when Splinterlands did their first land offering, The US Mint opened their sales for a new WWII Commemorative 75 "(V)ictory" edition in silver and gold. Their US Mint site was overwhelmed, people were kicked off it was an absolute disaster. In the chat rooms for the next week all I heard was "We need a lottery and pre-registration for this so that it's fair and transparent."

For the few things that went wrong in the initial land sale and the forward thinking that made up the rest of the experience. Thousands of players got land in their hands and thousands more will get land in the second offering (including yours truly).

So for those of you that really feel stung just think, this game's development team is far ahead of the US Mint and their screw-ups.


Wow! This is some great info!