Splinterlands - 7 Day Gold Level Account Delegation

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Splinterlands is an online trading card game running on the Steem blockchain (with some Tron blockchain integration. )

I Won A Contest

I recently won a contest hosted by @mellofello giving me the use of the @chasingunicorns Splinterlands account for seven days. I ended up having a major problem with my home internet for the entire 7th day and @mellofello graciously extended my delegation by an extra day to compensate. I swear, the Splinterlands is the best community in all of gaming!

This was the second time he ran this contest. If you are interested in applying to do this as well, he's running the contest for a third time here:

The deal was that I would get the login information sufficient to operate the account and then I would play that account for a week. At the end of the seven days I would receive all the daily reward cards, tournament winnings and dark energy crystals that I earned from playing that delegated account. The image below shows some of the summoner cards I would be working with on the account:

My Strategy

Due to my life situation, this was going to be a very busy week. With that in mind, I decided upon a strategy to try and maximize my earnings. I wasn't going to be able to schedule my playing to coincide with the tournaments so I would simply play any tournaments that I happened to catch. Regardless, during that week of delegation I won a total of 13 STEEM from placing high enough in tournaments. Not bad!

My focus was on maxing out my dark energy crystal (DEC) earnings. If a daily quest was active at the time of playing, I would keep it in mind and be more likely to choose the particular splinter associated with that quest. In order to ensure that I was getting the most DEC per winning battle, I would play less than 10 matches and then wait a while for the "energy capture rate" (ECR) to regenerate before playing again. Sometimes this meant leaving a daily quest unfinished for several hours and coming back to it. The ECR almost never went below 90% during my use of the account. I didn't focus on ranking up to higher leagues, but I did manage to get the account into Diamond III by the end of my week regardless.


This strategy worked out brilliantly. I managed to earn 18,137 DEC and 80 reward cards. Got a couple legendaries (including a Black Dragon card) and some gold foil editions. The image below shows the daily reward cards I earned one of the days. Adding in the 13 STEEM of tournament winnings, my total earnings for the week ended up being worth around 65 STEEM! This was a great run and I am very grateful to @mellofello for the opportunity. I've been able to use these extra Reward Cards, DEC and STEEM to strengthen my own deck considerably.


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If you're interested in connecting with me elsewhere:

My Website: www.crypto-spore.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/Crypto_Spore
YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCJndBuZ3aoAjqDDzW_IbJ8Q

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Your strategy to make DEC earning a top priority was a great decision.
It is most important to play limited, quality battles with lineups where you can win.
My priority list is:

  1. Tournaments
  2. DEC
  3. Daily quests (only if the daily quest team is the best team to get me a win)
  4. Top 10 or 25 ranking for end of season booster pack rewards (try to rank up 2-3 days before the season ends, but try to avoid the last 24 hours which I have not been able to avoid)

My strategy actually remains the same as what I used for the chasingunicorns account. I get small little opportunities to play here and there, so in terms of tournaments, I'm happy if I manage to catch one, but I don't put a lot of effort into trying to get in as many as possible. It just doesn't work with my current situation at home or at work right now.

The daily quests are great and a chance at potentially valuable cards, so I like to complete them but I will usually pick the best splinter for the job regardless of whether it's going to help me complete the DQ. I would say that I try to complete the DQ without sacrificing the DEC.

In terms of rank/league, I don't really worry much about it. If I just try and win every time I play the ranking will take care of itself. I'm not close to getting in the top ranks that get booster packs yet.

Thanks again! And thanks for sharing what you focus most on. It's definitely something I've thought about a lot and hearing the strategy of a more seasoned player is helpful.

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