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Ability so great it gets it's own rule set! Straight forward really, does as it says. The monster with sneak will attack the last monster on your enemies' lineup. Super powerful if used right and rather sneaky (no pun intended) as most people don't seem to really prepare for it. At least not up to diamond that I play in.

Monsters with sneak


I have played several of them and some splinters defiantly lend a helping hand to ability. 8 out of 12 monsters are melee so the summoner with +1 melee is a good start. All colors have two available cards outside of fire. Some added bonus skills are also poison (extra damage is always nice) and a few ways to deal with armor. Speaking in general the mana cost is on the cheap side, meaning low mana battles are a great way to eat at the rear of your opponent as long as you can still afford a good tank.

Pairs well with OpportunityA raged self healer at the rear will negate sneak
Low mana - Available most battlesRule set that completely takes this ability away
Several summoners will boost the mostly melee abilitySeveral summoners will lower the mostly melee ability

Example of Sneak/Opportunity

Battle 1 - Life

Battle 2 - Fire I think this win had more to do with the Living Lava and the Fire Monkey

In closing

While maybe not the most over powered skill, it is an amazing secondary strategy when running low on mana either by cap or even a little league battle. These guys can definitely catch someone off guard and surprise them for sure.

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