I Upgraded My Splinterlands Deck + 40 More Untamed Packs

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Well, I did it. Not only did I spend another $80 on Untamed packs, but I spent another $15 on purchasing and leveling up this fine card called "ruler of the seas". I'm guessing it will be pretty easy to get to the gold rank at this point. The rest of my blue sliver deck is mostly maxed out in terms of my summoner level, which is at the max level for the silver tier. Once I get to the gold rank I'm guessing it will get a bit more expensive to max out my cards and continue to progress to further tiers.


I will probably purchase another 50 soon because the potions have 500 charges each and with 100 packs total I'll be able to use each charge of a potion. I really do hope we reach the next 100K packs purchased so we can all get a nice airdrop of cards. This game is great!

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greetiongs, @dropthatcode

excelent, man!!!! congratulations for this!!!!


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