Splinterlands Negative Incentive - Gamification Failure

in #splinterlands6 months ago (edited)

Due to recent Splinterlands updates that intend to curb the impact of bots receiving rewards, human players are punished for lack of creativity to counter the bot problem.

I have no incentive for continuing to compete unless I invest cash into the game. This means that new users (and lower "power" players than myself - who haven't been playing since the beginning of Splinterlands) are even further disincentivized for continuing to play and be active on the game.

This will result in fewer real players participating in Splinterlands and the bots will be playing even more frequently "per round". How about coming up with something a little different? This update will kill Splinterlands.


I’m willing to wait & see how this plays out. I’ve been a casual player since day 1 and put perhaps a couple hundred dollars in, so I was surprised that I’m capped at Gold II. It does seem heavily against casual players & global players with little disposable income.

However I’m willing to wait on judgment as I know there is more to come as far as implementing individual league rewards for each tier. If that is structured well, it could actually be fun battling into the top ranks of your particular tier, and league prizes in addition to daily & season rewards could offset the current losses and help skilled non bot players advance through the ranks quicker.

I'm also willing to wait, but my casual play is likely going to decline unless this is resolved quickly.. If I think about it, I've probably also invested close to $100 in SBD, STEEM, Hive and DEC.

It's a shame though.. this all seems like a preventable issue.