Take Pride In Minor Achievement While Looking Forward

in #splinterlands6 months ago

Current Rank: 1,235

Not the same as my best Rank at 901, but the best that I have achieved (even temporarily) in several seasons. I'm surely going to end the season with a rank above my current status, but I have definitely learned more and successfully deployed new strategies where I was losing battles previously.

I'm still aiming to beat my 901 rank, but I'll settle for low 1,000s this season!

What I am concerned about are the new thresholds that will prevent me from leveling up as quickly as I might, if my "card power" were higher. I currently sit under 200k card power (but I should exceed 200k after this season).

Either way, my power will limit me (in the future?) to earning 20 (or more) fewer cards than I would earn - simply because I haven't paid as much to play (I have paid in my limited SBD and Steem to purchase packs!). Like Steem/Hive, Steemmonsters, errr, Splinterlands, is becoming a game for the whales to grow while the minnows continue to prop them up... I wonder if @aggroed will continue down the power path for reward card distribution or if perhaps there might be another way to properly distribute reward cards in the future...?