Against backstabbers, use shellshock!

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Tortisian Fighter vs @mattclarke - @splinterlands "share your battle" contest entry

He's small, but he's strong and versatile. Exactly what you would expect from a monster that seems based on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And just like those, Tortoise Fighter will help you in ways you wouldn't expect.

While I do have other great ideas of how to build around Tortoise Fighter, this is probably the most unique formation you can use him with: as an off-tank alongside a tank without armor, like Sea Monster or Frost Golem.

@felipejoys vs @mattclarke in a ranked battle

You know what sucks? Sneak attackers. Snipers. Opportunists. You know, everything that wants to kill you. But if you can choose a monster without armor as your primary tank, then Tortisian Fighter will repair your anti-sneak and anti-snipe monsters' armor. Since you are focusing on physical defense, Bortus is what works best with this, reducing magic damage taken.

Traditional water/neutral/dragon tanks without armor you can use: Frost Giant, Sea Monster, Kelp Initiate, Phantom of the Abyss, Peaceful Giant, Raging Impaler, Hydra, Rusty Android, Gelatinous Cube, Prismatic Energy, Onyx Sentinel, Lord Arianthus, Chromatic Dragon, Red Dragon.

Tortisian Fighter will never repair your tank's armor because it has none. This means it will be free to repair whoever else gets attacked. In this fight, the opponent's kobold miner could not do anything because his attacks would never do damage to the pixie's health. If there was two sneak attackers, this would still work well because pixie is fast and she has fly so she would still last many rounds. Backline? Covered.

Water/neutral/dragon monsters good for anti-sniper and anti-sneaker positions: Crustacean King, Naga Warrior, Enchanted Defender, Dwarven Wizard, Halfling Alchemist, Diamond Dragon.

By picking the right tank and supporting it with whatever your mana allows without lacking damage, you create an impenetrable fortress that will win slowly, but surely. It's only weaknesses? Silvershield Assassin. Maybe magic damage blast too, like the one from Phoenix.


A solid win. GG. Your Windmaster was poisoning everything. I knew I was in trouble when I realised that Ice pixie was getting her armour repaired.
I'll have to level my Tortisian Fighter.

In the last few days, I've given up using Gelatinous Cube as a tank. It is always killed in the first round. I'm using it as an off-tank all the time though.

Yeah, takes a while for other deaths to build up it's health. One trick I've been enjoying is in Target Practice I'll start with a weak, volatile tank, like Exploding dwarf, then Jelly Cube behind him. The tank dies reasonably quickly, as the cube takes a bit of damage and hopefully scavenges some health. Then the cube drops into first position, which is typically much safer, and heals from any first round damage it's taken.
By the time the backrows have duked it out, they often don't have enough damage output to take my cube down.

I think a largely unexplored strategy in Target Practice is abusing the first position. You can reliably use, say, Mech Goblin, since magic casters will ignore it completely thanks to forced snipe.

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Thanks for sharing! - @mango-juice

I really liked your line up felipejoys! Choosing the ic pixie at back was a witty move and it was successful to evade multiple attacks. You are also right about the fact that Repair ability only repairs the armour of the cards which possess armour before the match starts..

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Keep playing! 🙂