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RE: Splinterlands Social Media Challenge!

in #splinterlands3 months ago

Hey, @felipejoys!
I enjoyed your article! However, this initiative is meant to get more people to Splinterlands and it'd be awesome if you included a link to the site. And maybe MENTION "Splinterlands".😉

In the "HOW DO YOU GET AN UPVOTE" section above I say a 'referral link' is required, but really, any link to the site will do, but you could potentially earn a little if you use your referral link 😉

And I love that you posted on Publish0x, but again, mentioning "Splinterlands" with a link so others can join the fun is the ultimate goal. And then! We reward YOU for helping spread the good Splinterlands word.

If you decide to update these things tag me (carrieallen) and I'll come give you the upvote love.

I have just fixed that problem. Please take a look again, @carrieallen. Thank you.