My First Pencil Sketch. Nectar Queen.

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Hello guys.

How are you all? Hope that you all are well by the grace of ALLAH.

Those who follow me and also used to upvote my posts regularly may noticed that I wasn't active on steemit for almost three months. Mainly from when the lockdown started due to corona virus. Though I wasn't active on steemit but I tried my best to post after some days to days.
I wasn't active on steemit or any social media, because I was using my free time of quarantine to learn something that will help me in future

I have learnt some programming languages. Mostly HTML and C++. But, the main thing I was fully busy was PENCIL SKETCH. It took me total of one moth long hard work to learn this art. Art or making sketch was always my hobby to do. But, I was too bad at it. But, this time I've learnt it. I hope that my skill of art will be more perfect day by day.

In steem-blockchain, among so many part of it I mostly liked one site. And the site is actually a game. SPLINTERLANDS.
So, I want to start my art posting on steemit with a content of this game. That'a why I art a card of this game. And today I'm going to share it you guys in this post. I guess you will like it.

Here is an image of the real picture of the NECTAR QUEEN and what I sketched. I made a college image with them.


Steps I followed to art are given bellow.

Step One.


Step Two:


Step Three:

IMG_20200529_003912 (1).jpg

Step Four:


##Step Five. The Final Stage. Making the shades more dark.


About the card.

Now, lets know about the card I sketched. The name of this card is NECTAR QUEEN. This card is a melee attack card with flying ability which plays under the EARTH SPLINTER. I mostly use this card in MELEE MAYHEM matches for it's high melee attack ability and in EARTHQUAKE matches for it's flying ability.

That's all for now everyone.

Thanks for reading my post.

See you again in my next post. Till then be happy, be safe.


Cool sketch! Thanks for sharing!

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