Pencil Sketch of Undead Rexx. Splinterlands card.

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Hello, Everyone.

I hope that you all are well and sound by the grace of Allah.
I's been 10 days I wasn't active on steemit. I'm now learning digital art. I bought a device also to do it. I'll explain all these in other post.
Today, I'm sharing another one of my pencil sketch. This is a sketch of a Untamed card of Splinterlands named Undead Rexx. I sketched this card using pencil by watching the real one. And I'm also sharing this in my social media profile.
This post is to participate in the weekly share your post in any social media contest organised by @splinterlands.

At first let me just talk about the card.

Undead Rexx:

This card is one of the untamed cards which plays under the death splinter. This is a melee attack card. I mostly like this card for its deadly damage ability and in melee mayhem matches, this is my favourite card. Now lets talk about my work.

My Sketch:


Undead Rexx:


Now lets see the steps of my artwork:









That's all for nows.

I'll be back soon with another of my artwork.

Thanks for reading my post.


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Creative painting, bro❤

Glad you liked it bro.
But, that's not a painting.
Its a pencil sketch.