Early Splinterlands Christmas For Me!

in #splinterlands10 months ago (edited)

I haven't written with my gaming account in a while, even though I wrote about Splinterlands on my main account a couple of times.

But this seemed like a proper occasion...

I warn you! This post doesn't share any secret strategy or an epic battle...

It's just that I had to tell someone who knows what this means!

Maybe I should just post the screenshot and stop babbling... Here it comes!

OMG! That's what I received in the first airdrop for my 220 packs purchased during the Kickstarter campaign.

And I didn't step in anything smelly either. :D

So anything is possible... around Christmas? Lol! Pardon me... I meant Ho ho ho.

Just for the reference, the Gold Legendary Diamond Dragon goes for $290 on the market right now!!

The "regular" Legendary Diamond Dragon for $8.87:

Ah, to make this day round for me, I also received The Kraken Legendary reward card (1 out of 3 cards received today):

Oh boy, lucky I'm writing this. Because I'm speechless!


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