PeakMonsters Sets for Renting?

in #splinterlandslast year

Yesterday, I bought 100 beta packs on Splinterlands.

Then, one of the things I have done (after feeling like a kid around Christmas tree gifts and starting to open them and put them together and use them :) was to revise my rentals at PeakMonsters and add a few more cards, especially legendary summoners at level 1, which can be very helpful in low level tournaments.

I also added a Lightning Dragon, which can be pretty powerful even at level 1, as well as two cards from the Reward Edition: a Sacred Unicorn at Level 2 and a Brownie at Level 1 (if someone wants to test it for the Earth Splinter and doesn't have it yet).

Here are all cards I currently offer for renting on PeakMonsters:

As I revised my card rentals and checked out the ROI on active contracts, I've seen some interesting recent developments on PeakMonsters. I've seen an option to sell "Sets" of cards.

At first I thought it was possible to rent sets of cards as well. Apparently not yet, but I would certainly find such a feature very useful. I already have in mind a few sets of cards (don't have to be complete working decks!), which would make much sense renting together.

While some cards may hold little value individually, as part of a well designed set they can contribute to a better ROI to the owner, and improved win rate / better understanding of the game to the renter.


Hey, that rental system looks pretty cool.

How does it work?

For the owners:

You add your card, and set a few parameters, like in this image:

For the renters. I haven't rented any card, but the process should go like this: if you have enough in your balance to rent a card for the minimum period set above, you can do that (if the card is still available for renting).