Life's Little Leauge Heros

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This week's Splinterlands battle challenge theme is Little League.

I had a battle that was a little league rule against @playingthegame you can view the battle in action here


Rules were Silenced Summoners and Lost Legendaries

With a 99 mana cap

Weak Magic: Means magic attacks hit armor before reducing health.
Little League: Only monsters and summoners that cost 4 mana or less may be used in battle.

Summoner Selection:

In this particular battle I choose Tyrus over Malric because Tyrus gave me extra armor, or layer of protection to my monsters because of the weak magic rule. If the weak magic had been a different ruleset I may have chosen a different summoner.

Monster Selection

1rst Position: I choose the Crystal Jaguar for this position because of the armor, larger amount of heatlh (6) and the fact that he has thorns to counter my opponents attacks.

2nd position: I used my Silvershield warrior for this position because it has reach which allows it to attack my opponents tank.

3rd position: I put Divine Healer in this position to protect it from attacks from my opponent. I also chose the Divine Healer for it's tank healing cababilities and magic attack.

4th Position:
I choose the Armorsmith for position 4 because he heals the Crystal Jaguar's armor and needs to be protected because of his smaller amount of health.

5th Position:
I choose Defender of Truth for this position because of his ability to add more armor to all of my monster. This adds another layer of defense with the weak magic rule.

6th Position
I the silvershield bard for this position because I had 1 mana left to fill the last position. I picked her over the creeping ooze because I wanted her cleanse ability instead of the slow ability.

My strategy worked very well for this battle, the only thing I may do different some other time it put the defender of truth in the second position and put the . The thorns ate up my opponents attacks and the silvershield bard did a good job taking damage from the rear and protecting my defender of truth and armorsmith. The extra armor that the defender of truth gave everyone helped as well because it took longer to kill the defender of truth which enabled my armorsmith to keep healing the armor of my crystal jaguar.

I like little league rule most of the time... some times I laugh when I get little league with a mana of 99... like how am I ever going to go above 28 mana on little league ?

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Like... I seriously just realized that 'golddeck' is your name cause it's your GOLD DECK. 😏 No need to judge me. I judge myself. 😂


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@carrieallen yes my it's my golddeck easier to know what I need so i can purchase if it's in an account of it's own. Thanks for stopping by.