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RE: Loot Chest System Update

in #splinterlandslast year

I really doubt that what the minimum DEC rate says is true, I will soon make a post about the last rewards that I have left in my 3 accounts. Yesterday was the only time I could earn more than 10 dec, much more (I won 170). but the last 3 daily rewards that I have obtained, have been LESS THAN 10 and I have 4 accounts one earns less chests than another (but that is my problem).

not even a basic rewards letter when burned gives that.
and I still don't understand if he says that of rewards would be 26 loot chests. Give only 6 chests or 5. It is not very clear what happens.

In the groups and forums there is the same annoyance among their real players, (not the bots) the people who handle the bots do not care much because if you have 10, 20, 30 accounts. It ends up being profitable for something that you just let run by a scrip.

Be friendlier, with real players. because most of them included in the official steemoster group.
They use daily missions to pay part of their card rents. Now you can't even?

if we add that Dec has been in decline. It is tried to maintain but it continues in descent, beginning the year was to an amount very above the one of today.

I manage 4 accounts. With much effort participating in guild tournaments and normal battles, with my main account, only by battle I generate between 50, 60+ dec per battle, the account that has less investment. per battle wins +20 dec.

but as a daily reward have I won 6, 8 and 14 dec?

I know that it is a rather stupid complaint, my complaint is not the gain of dec, the more diversified the better although most do not seem to them, but not all the changes they generate are found by small players.

because most of the reward cards are taken by the bots and the last changes have been to reduce profits and real people.

bots are not bad, time has shown that they still generate profits, but for each change many real players lose and are replaced by bots ...