'Another Shield' - New Original Music - Song Idea Inspired by Splinterlands, Pt. 1 in a Series: Mapping the Basic Ideas - Medieval/Orchestral + Walkthrough

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Unlike the previous little theme,

this is FAR from a finished idea. I wanted this to be simple, like the other song, so I kept the numbers of instruments low, though I used a harp instead of an acoustic guitar here for the main progression. We're also in 5/4, which gives it a bit of a more interesting feeling. I will definitely be going through and fine tuning things, particularly the cello articulations, and the second half of the harp part, as I don't like how the progression ends, so as I continue working on this, I'll be sure to update here.

Track 1 is the harp, which I wrote

first, then built everything else around. The progression is harmonically more complex than the previous theme, starting in Aminor, modulating to Dmajor (though it feels like it will be resolving to Dminor, I sub in the parallel major at the last moment), before coming back to Aminor. There are also two different progressions, which I alternated between: a shorter one, which we begin with, and a slightly longer one. The longer version is what needs some editing at the end, as it gets really tonally ambiguous, which, although interesting, does not suit the medieval vibe I was hoping for.

Listen to Another Shield here.

Track 2 is a cello ensemble,

which utilizes various articulations to (hopefully) give it a more realistic vibe). Right now, I think its a bit too upfront, and covers up a lot of the harp, so it'll definitely be dropped in volume, and maybe EQ'd a bit differently to make the harp more of the centerpiece. Track 3 is the medieval recorder, like the previous theme. I accidentally made the second note played use the 'flutter' articulation, which was NOT intentional, though I think it might actually work when I mix this a bit more, so its not as obvious. We'll see what happens. Finally, we have orchestral percussion sounds in Track 4, which just accent certain parts with a cymbal and bass drum. There may be a little more added here, but I don't want to add too much percussion, as I think keeping it sparse makes it more impactful when it's used.


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Track 1, Harp, Longer Variation.

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Track 2, Cellos.

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Track 3, Medieval Recorder.


I'm going to continue working on this, so stay tuned to see what it turns into! I think there are some good ideas here, so with a little bit of effort, hopefully the full song will reflect them a bit better!

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