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RE: Splinterlands - giveaway for new Players [2]

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Hi @rafalski

My untamed starter account is currently valued at $ 5.61. The card I would like is a wood nymph.

In full disclosure this is an alt account that I am playing as though I am a complete newbie with no money other than the $10 to buy the untamed starter set.

I am entering as many contests as I can and so far have won some cards and DEC. My plan was to rent a Level 2 summoner with the DEC (that's all I can afford) and build from there. However, it looks like I can't rent for DEC so I'll probably sell or burn some of the cards so I can rent.

I'm not sure of the best approach yet but I need to find a way to level up a summoner and some corresponding cards without spending any money.

Anyway, if you don't want to donate to this account, given that it's an alt, that's fine. 😁


I leased you level 3 Wood Nymph.

Thank you so much @r1s2g3. That's very kind of you. 😍

Now I need to rent or a summoner that can play it.

Sent 8x Nymph :) (0.26$)

Thanks so much @rafalski. I appreciate it. I need to stop going round in circles and just jump in and start renting! 😁