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RE: Balance & Development Updates

in #splinterlands11 months ago (edited)

A Fire Spitter without Redemption doesnt make sense.
The last few weeks have painstakingly collected the card and now it is useless overnight. The change of Redemption was necessary.
I can understand that you can't satisfy everyone. However, you should also understand that people get upset when several cards lose value significantly.
After changing Redemption, it shouldn't be an issue to win against two monsters with this ability, so I can't really understand the change from Fire Spitter.
For example, a Peacebringer Rare is stronger than the Fire Spitter on Epic.
If I wasn't sure that the cards were still adding value, I'd sell all my cards and turn my back on the game after these repeated adjustments with loss of value.
I cannot understand Prince Julian's adjustment. Now he has nothing special at all and is not worthy of a mystery card.

ps: A beta test before a new release prevents a lot of hassle and major changes later in the game.



I think compensating players that have a card nerfed with some DEC or reward cards would be a good idea. Not much fun collecting a card only to find it becomes useless and looses most of its value. Could make a special reward card for this?