Splinterlands prices off the charts - more gains to come still with SPS?


Man, every day I look at my splinterlands collection and the values just keep climbing.

I keep thinking to myself that it's going to eventually end and prices will fall dramatically but it never does. I know it has so much to do with the upcoming SPS airdrops that are starting next week because everyone wants to get their hands on cards and DEC because these airdrops will happen every day for a whole year.

It's free money, so why wouldn't you want to get in on that???

I guess the question for me becomes at what point do you reach a cash out point?

At what point do you look at what you have and say, there's so much money here right now that could go toward other uses in my life?

With everything going on with splinterlands right now though it's hard to see an end in sight for the rising prices. Even the rental market is on fire and seriously blowing up.

I've been toying with the idea of possibly shrinking down a little bit of my collection and maybe renting a few cards here and there because it seems like it could be a low cost method to continue playing the way I do and generating more income than expense there too so something to think about.

I might explore that idea a little bit at a time and see how it goes.