Common account for DEC generation @knightsunited guild

in #splinterlandslast year

Hello Knights,
I hope you had some great reward cards last season, if not, hopefully, you will get some at the end of this one!

As you know, our guild leader has set up an account @milky-stork to support our guild. I think it's a neat idea. What about supporting this (or equivalent account) collectively? There are currently 21 guild members. If each one would on average delegate 3 to 5 cards, we could easily have one or two competitive communal or guild accounts supporting the guild and its members.

The account(s) can be run through herons-unlimited (as is @milky-stork). It's quite a good idea for all guilds to follow and also herons-unlimited to grow, although it might be set-up internally within the guild, too.

I can delegate a few cards of max silver or maybe gold level.

What are your thoughts, Knights?


Well, that's actually a good idea. I have been looking for ways to sponsor our guild a bit, and this is definitely worth considering