My little league battle....4 mana rule

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Hi fellow comrades in splinterlands,

Today I will be sharing with us my favourite rule set of all time in splinterlands. Since there is a nice reward attached to this contest I decided to continue. It doesn't hurt because win or lose it's an avenue to learn right??!!!

☃️For this week on splinterlands share your battle challenge which you can see here. Below is my entry in details.☃️


I was given a double rule set as you can see below and a 38 mana cap:
1). Monsters do not have any amore and do not get amore or abilities from summoners buffs.
2). Only monsters and summoners that cost 4 mana or less may be used in battles.

As usual I have to pick my monsters according to the second rule just as displayed in the battle image below

Battle Link

For this particular rule especially if it comes with 25 mana cap and above, I love using my Life deck sometimes I use dragon summoner if it comes as a single rule with high mana cap but in this instance, I used Life.


I used this life summoner because I have the most maxed card that falls under this little league category in it.

My first monster was Crystal Werewolf which I have level 7 of but because my Life summoner is level 6 it battles at level 6 too. Since more of range and magic monsters tend to be widely used in this rule, my crystal would serve better due to its ability to reduce/silence magic attacks and also revenge all hit from a melee monster. Crystal Werewolf is a gem in this battle.

My second monster was Silvershield Warrior which is sitting at level 6 with its reach ability and it was strategically placed by me because, asides that it can only function as the second monster, it can also help take over the first position should incase my crystal werewolf dies mid battle.

I used my level 6 Divine Healer as backup, to help heal my war lord crystal so that it won't die fast and also to slow the speed of monsters in my enemy's camp.

What better way to protect my monsters if not by using my level 3 Defender of Truth. Her power is in her magical defence by helping to protect all friendly monsters with extra 2 armor. She also uses her magical ability to kill monsters in the enemy's camp.

I supported my line up with this common neutral reward card whose range prowess is unquestionable. Its quick attack is what I need the most against the enemy's first monster.

Peacebringer is one of the rare cards out here with no ability but its range power is superb in the high level like 4 upward. My level 6 gives me a good range ability to help take care of the first monsters in the enemy's camp.

With this line up I was able to kill my opponent and it finally took me to Diamond 1 at the close of my season finale.

To join this awesome game called #Splinterlands, kindly follow this link. May the monsters favour you in your battles.


All divider and gif from @splinterlands post courtesy of @carrieallen
Major shout out to @ikrahch for the lesson

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AWESOME! And, thanks for giving me credit openly but you wrote my username wrong. :P

Ahha..will change that now...thanks Ikrah

Nice battle!
And I love the explanations of your lineup. So helpful! If I didn't already play, this post would make me wanna.


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Grateful Carrie....your markdown post was helpful.