One of the biggest Infiltrator....Serpentine Spy

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Back in the old century when there is war raging between two cities or country, there is an important memo that will be sent from the two opponents and this is the use of a spy or war pigeons. Spies are really important during this period and helpful. They can either be of great help or a path to destruction depending on how intelligent their senders are. Spies help infiltrate tight and close knitted cities in opposing base in other to divulge secrets to there opponent.

In splinterlands, one of our spy lives within the burning lands called fire. He is one of the latest untamed addition in the community of soldiers and its main duty is to infiltrate the enemy's side and give the opposing sides strength to overcome them. With a spy on one's side, 50% of your battle has already been won.

With this knowledge, I put my spy into use for the rule set displayed below:


First I have the equaliser, where all monsters life tally with the highest on the opposing sides.
Second is the Melee attack from any position.

With this ruleset in mind, and after sighting my opponent as a strong one I decided to use my maxed summoner which is Daria Dragonscale coupled with the melee master Fire. I was only given figure 12 as my mana and Daria has already taken 4 from that so I am left with 8. With my Daria I decided to use my Serpentine Soldier.

Serpentine Soldiers are best know for their ability to evade and reduce attacks from both melee and ranged monsters. They do damage back to a melee attacker. Perfect isn't it? Looking back at its lore, this soldier controls the Burning Lands because of the difficulty monsters face when hitting them.They also make powerful frontline soldiers during war in the Burning Lands city. This monster fought excellently during this battle.

Now to Serpentine Spy...heheh it actually has the same first name as my first soldier/monster. Due to there sneaky way as a spy, they are always looking for opportunity to lure the weakest link in the opposing battle to divulge there secret. Based on this duty of theirs, they tend to have a low armour and little battle gadget. Their strength lies in their opportunistic nature and with this opportunity, it helped fight my battle and killed my opponent.

Lastly was my furious chicken.....This monster wasn't in any way stressed because my opponent only wasted his mana on one leg monster which I succeeded in killing.

I was happy at the end of the battle because I initially thought to myself "Ife you are a goner" when I saw the gfl leg on the field ready to battle it all with me. At the end of the race I won the battle and feeling good.

All images are from steemmonsters site edited by my precious @xawi and @aamirijaz for helping me recover my lost battle link.


Nice. Splinter lands is a great game that has evolved well.

The Iron Lady of Splinterlands! How are you ifeoo? :) :)

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