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RE: Splinterlands has took a turn for the worst. . . Devs PLEASE READ!!!

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You couldnt have said it better.....IT is starting to looking like a fucking shit..but then I aint gat no other way right now..It is paying my bills little by little


Thank you for taking the time to respond. To be honest I don't post much, but I started talking to my guild mates about it and read up on the background reward changes. Then listened to the last few months AMA's and realized that something wasn't being addressed and I feel like I'm not alone. I love this game so much, it's ideas, concept, quick battle animation. It bridges two of my favorite worlds:

  1. Trading card games - I'm an old artifact deck magic player. Also Hearthstone enthusiast, until due to so many random card mechanics broke the game (with wonky RNG.) Matches started taking 20-30mins with certain decks.

  2. Crypto - To be honest I call it the "Great Wealth Transfer." Basically we the people made a decentralized system/currency with less restricting regulation and corporate ownership. It effects all markets in the world positively (also which gives it greater reach and value), especially for 3rd world countries by giving them a place to bank first off. Then a semi-stable currency that doesn't hyper inflate (looking at you Venezuela.) It also is not controlled by political elite or straight up dictators. Offers the average (and poor) people a future that was robbed from them by poor politics and greed, and a bright one at that too! I love almost everything crypto related and probably could talk about it forever. . .

Splinterlands open market and operating system (hive) impresses me so much, but the way the bots are now running the dec trade is very discerning and most of the selling will be either disguised by the rising tides of the bull run, or they will simply wait to DEC is at the highest and dump during the end of alt season. It's what I would do but who knows. . . ALL WE DO KNOW IS ALL THAT DEC IS GOING SOMEWHERE RIGHT??? If any one person or entity or group has a 2,000 account bot net than what's to stop them or all bots from expanding and adding even more to further print more endless DEC and be able to buy anything at will. The market is going to get cornered fast and it won't be pretty. They could buy all the packs and sell them for even more later down the road with free bot money and since the DEVS tweaked the system so the average player gets less to almost no packs per reward or season, it would seem the bots now have even greater control over the card market and DEC generation.

WE ALL HOLD THE BAGS. . . Not cool.

Don't get me wrong you could sell during the bull market and make something back and time it (maybe 1.5x - 2x), but this is supposed to be a game that lasts right? Then how is your future player base gonna feel when player(s) [XXXX12] [XXXX13] [XXXX14] (all owned by same person or group.) Bot owners whom seem to own 25% - 30% of all the "GOOD OR USEFUL" cards can only rent or sell them for a small fortune, just so people can compete at their level. It's a system that won't work and will most likely destroy your reputation irreparably.