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There is a new new contest by @splinterlands where we are to show our battle based on reverse rule which can be viewed here. As we all know that the battles is of the Lord but on the splinterlands street, the battle is a game of the mind and intellectual ability. For my reverse rule I was given an additional double rule of fog of war which can be seen below.


Reverse Rule: Monsters with the lowest speed attack first and have the Highest chance of evading attacks.

Firstly, I have always alternated between using Water splinter and Earth splinter due to their range and magic capacity and they both have lots of slow monsters to use in this reverse rule. Having additional fog rule is a minus for me because this is ne rule I hate the most and have never been able to find the perfect splinter or set of monsters to constantly win the battle.

So in this instance, I picked my rule according to the reverse rule due to it been the later rule and by so doing I picked Earth which was my quest for the day.I had to also consider the fog rule that disregard the use of sneak and snipe ability.
So I started with :

  • Lord Arianthus : Which is due to its slow form, ability to reduce attacks from magic monsters, shield to reduce attack from range and melee monsters and finally does damage back to melee attackers.

  • Earth Elemental : I love using this monsters as second in a reverse rule due to its ability to restore its health and also its slow ability.

  • Wood Nymph: This is a tank healer for my lord so as it help restore its health for longevity in the battle and to also strengthen all other monsters during war.

  • Brownie : This was selected as an extra to fill in the last extra point and none of its ability was relevant in this battle because I had no melee monster selected neither do I need its swiftness.

  • Spirit of the Forest: This being one of my best Earth monster is not qualified for this battle due to its high speed of 6 but then I needed it to help restore my first monsters incase the wood nymph meets an early death. It also has the ability to help protect all monsters on my team and an additional +2 health on all friendly monsters.

In this battle all I cared for is the reverse rule by damning the fog of war......I got lucky because my partner used some monsters that were fogging in nature..lol.....

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@ifeoluwa88, I have to understand this Rule and after that i will going to come up with my piece. Looks like this Rule is tricky one. Enjoy your Splinterlands 👾 Journey and stay blessed.

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Yes chire..it is very tricky but all you need to use are monsters with slow speed.They are are the only one that can be used in this reverse speed.Goodluck

Thank you for your kind advice. Have a great time ahead. 🙂


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