Case Study: Splintertalk Curation and My 10% Downvote Rubric

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Right now, the SPT last price is 0.007 STEEMP / $0.001444 USD.

Looking at the top 10 posts on Trending, the average pending payout (for 7 unique authors) is: 3757.280740 SPT, worth 27.428 STEEMP / $5.426178 USD.

If all 10 of those payouts were sold on the market using the actual volume/prices of the buy book, 37572.807401 SPT would sell for 267.519 STEEMP / $52.923936 USD, bringing the price down to 0.006800 STEEMP / $0.001343 USD.

It's unlikely that the top 10 Trending posts would all immediately dump. The authors and curators would all have to dump at the same time. I was just trying to determine what kind of support the market had for this amount.

In my opinion, the order book is pretty healthy.

However, there is a small problem happening on itself. It's a small problem with a simple solution. In my opinion, Splintertalk Trending needs some better curation. It's the kind of thing that any tribe/community can deal with fairly easily.

Splintertalk Trending is full of quest status updates and contests. In and of themselves I have no problem with this kind of content. The problem I have is when Trending is 75% quest status updates and contests.


Here's my "10% Downvote" curation rubric:

  1. Is the author on Trending?
  2. Is the author always on Trending?
  3. Did the author appear to put minimal effort into the post?

If these criteria are met, I issue a 10% Downvote. Let's break it down:

Is the author on Trending?

This isn't hard to figure out. There are many authors who show up on Trending every day, so you get to know them over time. New authors on Trending should get a chance to do their thing.

Is the author always on Trending?

On the other hand, there's something fishy about an author who always gets on Trending for every post they write. Can it happen? Certainly. That's why there's more to this rubric ...

Did the author appear to put minimal effort into the post?

Again, an author that isn't always on Trending who puts minimal effort into a post but made it to Trending is not the focus here. They can just do their thing.

There are times when a chronic minimal effort author will put in the effort sometimes. If that happens, usually it's still pretty low-effort. I have a different rubric for that situation.

My goal here, with this "10% Downvote" rubric, is just to communicate my dissatisfaction with a particular pattern of posts that are always on their way to earning daily 4,000 SPT or whatever. I don't just blindly cast these 10% Downvotes. I'm looking at the post. Is it just someone phoning it in, talking about their daily quests every single day? Why would I want to highly reward "I got these cards" from multiple people, every day?

It's one thing if "I got these cards" posts got 100 SPT every day. Not ideal, but hey. On the other hand, I'm seeing 2,000 SPT over and over. That's ridiculous.

So why don't I 100% Downvote these? Well, for one thing, there's too many right now. But there's another reason. If this happens for 10 days on one account, that's as good as a single 100% Downvote, once in a while. Over time, curators will hopefully notice that blindly voting for these is a waste of voting power.

Instead of concentrating on one post every 10 days, casting 10% Downvote helps me track things over time as well. Since I'm only focusing on Trending for this rubric, once I vote I can move on. It helps my cognitive load if I see I've already voted on something on Trending, rather than try to remember if I've already dealt with a particular author in some other post and I can ignore the others. That would be tiring. So 10% Downvote it is.


Does this work? At the moment, it appears it does work.

There's a large segment of reasonable people who are receptive to criticism. I'm also trying to be reasonable. I don't think these posts are worth 1,000 SPT, but I'm willing to transition in that direction because that would at least double the number of non-quest status rewards. We'll see if it actually makes any difference. Maybe they'll just double the number of accounts that write these useless posts. Or maybe they'll expand their curation scope. Let's see how this plays out.


I think I will adopt a similar approach for steemleo.

Yeah, that's the real goal here. To model behavior that will improve other tribes/communities or at least figure out what doesn't work.

It really annoys me when people are blindly putting this tag on their posts with actfit and other stuff. I have started to downvote them when I get the time and leave a comment as to why the downvote. The message gets through pretty well. Just that alone would clean up a lot of needlessly wasted space and people fishing blindly for votes or circle jerk voting on steemauto. Thanks for the effort.

Those large rewards on trending will work against the coin in the long run.
I know it's not the same on them all.
Those getting above average rewards will either dump at some point, or use their advantage to the detriment of other holders, imo.

It's just a matter of time for some of them to catch up to steem's distribution, except without the buying pressure steem currently enjoys.

That said, this is much better than what we had waiting for stinc to save us.

Are you thinking about using a stronger Rubric?


It's the way to go. I am glad that there are people receptive to the reasoning

Do 20% downvotes

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Thanks for going into detail on your reasoning.

There is no consistency in your logic.
According to your logic, a quest or contest-related article should be down-voted to everyone. But you're only going down to the big three.
One of the reasons for becoming a big sensation is evidence that the company has invested as much in SPT. Those who have been down-voted are the ones who are leading the SPT's price rise.

You are not reading all the writing in Korean, but you are downvoting with a bot.

My posting isn't just about quests and contests.
Stop downvoting in my article.

Request denied.

So, what do you think about a post like this?
Travelgirl is a valued member of the Splinterlands community, but over 4000spt for saying the season will end in a couple of days might be a lot, no? And then again, who is to say what is valuable and what is not and what is the max reward a post should get.. The Koreans are very dedicated to this game and strong as a community where I almost feel like if someone posts something about Splinterlands everyone votes no matter the content. And isn't it their right to do so? It's a very tricky thing, because they also invested a lot into the game and spt, but that is an issue with Steem as well, so in the end it's about the people thinking about their actions and how they should be in the best interest of the game/community, not so much about a couple of individuals..

That’s specific post would not get downvote under this specific rubric. But that’s just me. I agree that it is overpaid, though.

It’s difficult, and it shouldn’t be difficult. Yet, I don’t think there’s a silver bullet solution like rubrics and trails.

What I really want is to normalize downvotes such that nobody has to post their rationale. Just downvote and move on. In this case, I felt compelled to post because, unfortunately, people are still confused by downvotes.

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Heyy :) I received a downvote from you on these two posts:

I just wanted to ask why :) (Especially the first one, cause the second one is -1% which is totally negligible)

You know what you did.

Nope... actually no :(


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I absolutely agree that there should be a better curation for the spt tag and even messaged aggroed about creating a upvote and downvote trail or something. He said it is not on the agenda yet, which I find kind of strange seeing you would want to see the best post about your own product trending, not a daily quest as you mentioned. Whenever I have the time I downvote and upvote posts and my stake in spt in big enough to get noticed, but a official trending spt (like the gg tag is doing) would be way more impactful.

@inertia, Downvote always injects for sure but hope that you've kept the value in mind and processed it. Stay blessed.

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You don't have to kill a mountain lion to make a meal for someone in need.
You don't have to build a train to stand up for a weaker person as soon as it fills up in the morning.
I could go on all day...

Wasting your energy on censorship by downvoting makes you a better person, I'm sure. Props to you.


You've decided to go on a mission to regulate by using automated censorship via ur power, that undermines everything this platform is standing for in an ideologic and moral way.

You might wanna watch:

and then go over to rethink your actions while standing in front of a mirror.

Do not expect justice where might is right.

You might piss off one peson at a time, but you treat whole groups of people unfair and that to be said, I muted you - and that will stay that way forever now. Goodbye.

Oh good.

...that undermines everything this platform is standing for in an ideologic and moral way.

Did you miss the part of the platform where downvotes were baked into the system, specifically for when another stakeholder disagrees with the rewards that are allocated to a post, for whatever reason that stakeholder desires?

It’s called “subjective value” and it’s how content is ultimately ranked/rewarded on Steem. So no, downvoting doesn’t “undermine” anything at all. In and of itself, it’s neither an ideological nor a moral decision. It’s almost purely an economic one.

If you have any questions about these concepts and how they pertain to Steem, I would suggest reading the relevant sections of the Steem whitepaper.


With huge Power, you can silence any small account here and all it takes is just your downvotes. I mean you do disagree with me, go ahead and downvote all my content so that I'm screwed, easy.

You do that for some short time, also add your bots to it, my rep will drop very low and none can even read my comments anymore very soon. That would be fun.

It bothers me that I don't leave an explanation of why so many red flags.
I told him everything because I was so upset that it would damage my reputation.

For the record:

I think you do wrong by giving negative feedback without leaving an explanation, you can save what you want, I don't care, you should leave a comment explaining that your label cannot be used for other things, announce before giving a lot of negative votes, but who can beat you, son God because you have Sp, or at least they believe that, I'm just going to leave it to God, which gives you for giving me 4 red flags, without explaining because, after a while, I find out that his label is only for steemonsters, and if you are avenging because he sells all the cards and I left the game it is something else, I accept that I did wrong to use his # in another publication, but It was to ignore that your label can not be used for anything else, of course as now they will earn money for giving negative votes, starting the party to destroy others, when you want to sign giving negative votes, you are God.

You know what you did.

It bothers me that I don't leave an explanation of why so many red flags.

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