Splinterlands. Not season rewards but untamed packs

in #steemmonsterslast year

Hello everyone!


Today #spt feed if full of season rewards posts, but I decided to share my new untamed packs!

Yesterday I got 13k DECs in a daily quest reward, and I was thinking what to do with that, and of course I came to the decision of buying new packs!


I bought 5 packs and opened all of them, and when I saw just 4 rows of cards I thought that something went wrong and I got 4 packs instead of 5, but then I realized that some cards are repeating.

I think my packs look no bad, I even got 1 summoner. And I switched off using all poisons for this season! I plan to use aaaaall of them for this season rewards!


If you don't play steemmonsters, so HURRY UP and join it now


If you have any questions about Korea don't hesitate to contact me here or via instagram

More articles about my travel adventures you can find here n7r2c7.jpg


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