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RE: A Solution To The BOT Problem On Splinterlands

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Hi Dave, I agree that some bot farms take too much away from the game, but botting is a protected class and if they did this type of thing you are suggesting, it would violated agreements. There would be court cases and with Aggys exit scam "jokes" and his taking advantage of inside information he would not look well in front of a judge while trying to explain how he clearly broke his agreements. The damages and cost of court would odds are end splinterlands. I think splinterlands needs to keep its legal agreements to function. If you saw my splinterland post about having DEC based rewards it would kill the huge bot net that uses almost no cards. This solution has been out there for months and months but they keep protecting the 2,000 plus bot net. How is running that bot net? How could have gotten access to 1000's of codes? If we could find the owner of this bot net maybe would could understand why there has been no change. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to the land presale. That will give a huge advantage to the lower level bots. Land presale is absolutely the priority over fixing the game or correcting the lower level bot farms, Aggy needs that $$$!


Hey @j6969, I think you are absolutely right about the DEC limits to set minimums, that would at least go a long way with fixing the problem. What I attempted was to build upon your idea and take it one step further. If they authorize bots, they can make good rewards for the people that make them, but at the same time limit the abuses from the obvious bot farms that use lower level bots to rape the system. As always, I appreciate your thoughts on the topic and hope you stay engaged in the game. You're a positive force in my opinion, because you want the game to get better! ;)