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RE: Balance & Development Updates

in #splinterlands9 months ago (edited)

Happy to finally see these balance adjustments. The biggest problem was obviously Redemption, especially with multiple Weaken (+ Rust). This was a typical battle:

  • -4HP from Prince Julian +Undead Priest + Serpentine Mystic + Death Elemental
  • -2HP from Cursed Slimeball
  • -2HP from Fire Spitter
  • -2 Armor from Darkest Mage

As a result: -8HP and -2 Armor. Even strong, having high HP, self-healing cards like Gold Dragon were useless. Redemption was just devaluating all other cards and made game unbalanced broken.

PJ is a separate issue, it simply gives a big advantage, not only in low mana battles. Access to dragons for 2 mana, it's very strong. Additional weaken just made this card too OP. Someone may say that this is a small difference, but such nuances make a huge difference at top level.

PJ was the strongest summoner for the Redemption strategy which made things worse. Why the strongest?

  • access to dragons for 2 mana, so Fire Spitter (redemption), Serpentine Mystic (Weaken), Fiendish Harpy (Opportunity, useful for killing cards that were not killed by Redemption)
  • -1HP

Playing with Selenia/Camila? +1 mana cost, no -1HP
Playing with Jarlax? no Weaken, no dragons
Playing with Zintar? +1 mana cost, no Weaken, no dragons
Playing with Crypt Mancer? + 3 mana cost, no dragons

I agree with removing Redemption from Fire Spitter. Why? Because it allowed 2 Ressurect + 2 Redemption which was not fun:

I agree with removing Weaken from Serpentine Mystic too, but this adjustment is the least important here.

If I owned PJ before, I will still approve these adjustments, this card was too strong. And I still want it, but I have no luck with Mystery Potion ;-) After nerf, PJ is still strong, giving access to dragons for 2 mana.

People used Fire Spitter only for Redemption, even if it has 1HP, 0 attack, 0 armor, 1 speed it still would be used for Redemption. Happy to see that it became a normal card.

What I don't like is that it took so long to make these adjustments. The game was broken for so long time. And playing was frustrating.