Splinterlands: Analyze your tournament / battles / quest rewards online

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Link: https://monstertools.github.io/rewards

I made a simple tool that can analyze Splinterlands tournament / battles / quest rewards for any account. It can take into account the last 30 days / last 1000 battles.

Just type your username and select the start date and the end date. By default it is set to last 7 days.


The first table contains the summary.


The second table shows the list of tournament prizes.


The third table contains all ranked battles that were won by selected player and resulted in earning DEC.


The last table shows quests and season rewards.


The tool uses the following APIs:



I wanna ask you to add to the last table:

  • column of summary chests for each day
  • column of the chests with DEC (for each day)
  • also if you can - to make daily quest and season rewards data separately from each other

Great Thanks for this tool!

Hi. Thanks for suggestions!

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Great Tool and thanks for your good work!

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Hi @masterthematrix

Just a moment ago I decided to check out your profile and see if you published any articles lately - only to realize that you didn't publish anything in a long while.
Hope you are well and didn't give up on steemit yet.

Cheers, Piotr

Thank you, this is a very useful thing to monitor.

This is a cool tool for people to use. Awesome stuff.

Excellent tool!! Thank you!

Yayyyyyyy! Big !monster thanks. :) Really excited about this. :)



You made very exciting tool!
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The proposition to you is to make your your name in it + the link to your account; and/or other contacts (Discord/Telegram) for feedback.
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Hello. Thanks for the proposition! :)

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Great work @jacekw 👍

Wow. Will surely try this out @jacekw. Thanks for the awesome work.

Great tool, thanks!

Great !monster tool. Thanks for sharing.

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