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RE: Splinterlands Suggestion to Boost Market Volume, Liquidity and Utility for DECs

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Originally i didn't understand the need/desire
But I think if you add a DEC cost then sure why not... that would be my response.
I actually think it adds a benefit of helping new players get the exact amount of cards they need to get to the next level they're aiming for.
However it could have the impact of pushing prices down a bit because it could expand the number of singles... however on the other hand those singles have more value because of the burn cost ... so I'm not sure. There might need to be good enough demand for those 1bcx cards... right now I don't know if there's the demand so what good would it do us.

However I think the formula would probably need to be much more simple than requested.
Like one % burn price. I guess that could be based on burn value?

It's easy to know the burn value so you could do something with that number easily.

It seems like the present system rewards users to NOT COMBINE because they know the 1bcx cards will be worth substantially more than uncombined.


Let's use an example


I can burn a 61bcx card for 3660dec
That's 60DEC per card for this rare
With the price of DEC at $.00062 ... that's 3.72 cents per card.
At DEC at full cost of .001 it would be 6 cents per card to burn

So does it cost 25% or maybe 50% to do the uncombine action?


I mean even if you said 50% dec for uncombine that would be 3 cent difference even if DEC was full cost. Seems like it'd be worth it in a few cases and would help arbitrage the single card cost closer to the actual "low bcx" which is the number we use in the actual market valuation stuff.

Given the current system i'd probably uncombine take the 1.85cent per card aka pay 1830 dec and list them as 1bcx cards for like 10-12 cents in this example.

Also this makes it nice for the BID MARKET so people can get the cards they're hoping for to get exactly to the point they want. And it helps with the bulk calculator option which users can use to specify exactly the card they want and there's a lot more 1bcx cards in the market to get them that number. There have been many times when I just needed a couple more alpha cards to level up but there were essentially no more 1bcx cards in the market. The price can be as drastic as $4/$1

Exactly! I 100% agree with the do not combine sentiment. I combined thousands of BCX worth of Mushroom Seers and Flame Imps which are now worth less than half they would be if I didn't combine them. I have pretty much combined no cards since then.

With the cost of this, there's going to be a lot of arbitrage opportunities at the start but ideally, these opportunities will disappear as the price/single and price/BCX converges to ~10% difference.

I think the DEC cost is fair, 25% of DEC burn rate of the card, so in this case 7.5 DECs per card or 862.5 DECs for a max level Flame Imp. This might be a small amount but with thousands of cards being uncombined it'll add up, plus it'll generate a lot of demand at the start if we include a guild structure that can reduce the DEC cost of uncombining.

Your alpha cards example is actually why I'm raising this point again, many months after I first mentioned this idea publically on Discord. I have tens of thousands of alpha cards which I simply am not able to sell. Out there, there are people who are missing a few alpha cards for the next level and don't want to pay a 200-300% premium just to combine it into their existent card and destroy that value.

I believe for the longevity and long term health of the markets, particularly alpha and beta markets as more and more cards get combined, allowing an uncombine feature at a small cost is vital.