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RE: Uniswap, Hard Fork Delay, & Other Updates

in #splinterlands6 months ago

So are these the steps i'd have to do or is there a better way?

  1. Use to transfer 6million dec to an eth address i own (metamask address)
  2. Then use uniswap to trade 3 million of the dec for eth so that i have equal liquidity?
    2b. Or will i need to exchange a different amount?
  3. Then add both those matching amounts to the liquidity pool?

Am i missing anything?


Yes, that should work. For step 2 the amounts won't be exact since your sale of 3M DEC will lower the price and change the DEC to ETH rate needed for adding liquidity, but it should be close enough and you will just have some extra ETH left over. Alternatively, you can get the ETH tokens from another source so you don't have to sell half of your DEC into the pool first.