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RE: Splinterlands Tournaments Updates

in #splinterlands4 months ago

I tried to promote my first tournament recently, but no one showed up. I felt like a total noob!


Hey I think you did the one that was 666 on Christmas Day. I think that might've offended some as I saw some chatter on discord about it. And don't worry, I've done many tourneys and I'm still learning what works best. The best thing you can do is keep trying and learn as you go :)

ps... if you didn't do the 666 one on Christmas Day then I didn't mean to attribute it to you. I thought I remember seeing that, and can't really recall who formed it (so I'm just speculating to try to help you if so).

Bad joke. I'll make the next one free. ;)

I was just passing along the feedback I saw to help you! I hope you have a Happy New Year @jeremiahcustis !!!