Yesterday, i bought more 100 Untamed Packs

in splinterlands •  8 months ago 

Greetings, people from @steemmonsters, @battlegames and @steem-ace

Yesterday, i bought more 100 Untamed Packs.

untamed packs.png

A little more than 1363 steem spending!!!

I was very happy, because I have more than 500 Untamed Packs to open. The right number is 527 packs. Take a look:

untamed packs numero total.png

The good thing about buying 100 packs at a time is that I get 10 more packs. This makes a big difference for those who buy large quantities. With these 10 packs for example, I have 100 more cards. I imagine that in these 100 cards may come 3 new gold cards. As I sell the golden cards, I can earn a little money from those 100 more cards.

527x5 = 2635 cards to open. I will have to have many legendary and gold potions for them. And, I still have Mayan steem to buy more Untamed Packs. Next Friday I will have more power dowm from steem and buy more packs !!!! I will not be able to open all Untamed Packs at once, because potions will be missing !!!! From what they said in the discord, it will only take a week or two before we open these long awaited UNTAMED PACKS.

I wish you all a good game !!!!

yoda steemmonsters.jpeg

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@julisavio, Definitely it's reflecting as you've applied Win Win Strategy here. Good wishes from my side and stay blessed.

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thank you, man

Welcome. 👍

Awesome stuff @julisavio,

You will have lots of chances at the airdropped cards.

thank tou, man

Hi, I have come to the conclusion that it is worth buying the cards I need directly from the market. But I joined this kickstarter to be able to participate in the air drops. It's really fun to open packs anyway. Good luck !

Eu já tinha pensado nisso, senhorita Mariana, mas, aas cards agora são novas, não tenho certeza, mas, acho que o preço delas será alto nesse início, princialmente as lendárias gold!!!! :D

527 is 5/27 - that was the opening of the Golden Gate bridge in 1937, one of mankinds most astonishing accomplishments, that is named after the Golden Gate in the sky, which the ancient Egyptians worshiped as the exit point for the soul after the death, ruled by Osiris. Good number...

thank you, man!!!!