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RE: Splinterlands Mobile App Battle Preview!

in #splinterlands2 years ago

First let me say this is amazing and we need that mana filter on desktop.
Great Job Guys and or Gals!
But for the purposes of feedback i feel the main game screen design needs a little work. It's clear in my mind the 1st card should be bigger as this is the main focus of the game. Simply dropping it down by a few pixels doesn't give me the sense of importance this card has.
And yes I know you are trying to fit everything on the screen, but maybe take a leaf out of Apple's design. Sometimes less is more.
To be honest once the game is in play, I don't really need to see all the stats of the remaining cards. Maybe if their stats change it just zooms in slightly so you can see them. Otherwise, save a little space and make that battle screen more pleasing on the eye rather than functional.
Anyway, it's a small thing and I appreciate the work that has already gone into making this real.
Great Job and keep going!