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RE: Balance & Development Updates

in #splinterlands11 months ago

Julian is still powerful. Access to dragon monster for only 2 mana is enough.


It is definitely not a worthy Legendary card anymore. Its values ​​correspond to an epic degree of rarity, if at all. For me, Azarius is the much better card, which is a shame with the same rarity.

But Arius costs 5 mana.

Look at the Archmage and Rennyn. Both have the "same" attributes, both cards are Legendary, the bonus of the Archmage is the Dragon Splinter.



If you now compare Julian with the other 2 Mana Splinters, you will notice that they have the same attributes, but the 2 Mana Splinters are a rarity level among Prince Julian. Either the epic 2 Mana Splinters are too strong, or Prince Julian is too weak.



But you cannot use dragons with any other 2-Mana-Summoners - that's in every case a benefit of Prince Julian. So Prince Julian is in every case the best card for "Summoner give no buff"

I don't think rarity should (or does) determine how "good" a card is. Perhaps rarity is for more exciting cards.

Rarity is irrelevant for Julian. It is only available at max strength. Other than changing the price/bcx number, it wouldn't matter even if Julian were a common.

And, anyways, given how many are going to be produced -- Legendary is absolutely the correct "rarity".