Booster Packs and Rewards, Oh My! -- Splinterlands Unwraps!

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Boosters and Rewards, Check out my Golden Splinter!

Splinterlands' PayPal option - Bad Temptations!

With less than 25% of Beta Packs remaining, I'm starting to get very nervous about booster packs selling out.
I mean, opening those packs has become an itch I just got to scratch, ever so addictive!

I have been purchasing my packs with TRX since I started, and I've only been here on STEEMit cross-posting and such so that I could earn some extra STEEM and buy a few packs that way. I haven't posted enough good content though and right now I've been more focused on Powering Up to give me that much needed RC to play the game - it's like a catch 22! I've run out of RC a few times and it's not pretty

Another issue I'm having is that I haven't yet made it into Silver league since I started playing. I get up to about rank 500 and then can't get any higher, I keep losing! I need more cards! So I struggle to earn DEC as I progress higher, and I also can't win any more than 7 reward cards for the season since I can't get out of Bronze! Here's another Catch 22 because I need more cards but it's getting harder for me to win them.
My quests have been harder to complete once I rank any higher than 400 - if I keep losing and lower my rank, it can help complete quests but that is a lot of RC wasted.

So what is a girl to do? Cave and purchase booster packs with my credit card! This could get dangerous.

Beta Pack Unwrap

Splinterlands Beta Booster Unwrap
Probably my best unwrap so far! Check out that golden water Splinter! He is really level 3. This is a great unwrap because all my Splinters that come in the Starter Pack are really 'ghost' cards, so this is a great find because this Golden Alric will overwrite my ghost card!
I'm also super excited about the 2 death cards - Death has so far been my favorite cards, and one being magic is especially of interest to me!

I do wish that had an option for purchasing packs via PayPal because I like their profit share model - sadly they only allow marketplace orders using STEEM or SBD. They do have some awesome features provided on their website and the market is cool because some users sell 'Sets' of cards, so you can pick up a bunch of cards for a very low price! Check out the site next time you want to go through your collection or put cards up for rent.

Quest Rewards

So my quest felt like it took forever, winning 5 ranked using the Life Splinter was hard because my 'Life Deck' isn't that happening. I have mostly Melee cards and not very high speed, so it's really lucky if I win using Life Splinter.

Quest Completion Progress Bar

Since I am trying to complete my quests daily (you know, to solve that 'need more cards' dilemma) I didn't give up, lost a bunch and finally won while I was in the 200 ranking.

So let's see what we win?!
Sea Genie Water Card
Not bad, a Sea Genie which I don't have in my collection yet. He is just a common though, I almost want to burn him for the DEC.


Being one of those people who since a child always feared throwing anything away, because you never know when you might need that thing, burning cards is an emotional experience for me.

I think I have burned 2 cards so far, but I have contemplated setting fire to many more. Actually lighting the flame has proven harder than I always imagine. This has become especially more important since there are so few beta packs left - what if the card I burn is the last of that card to be opened!? Being that these cards have always been collectibles, and Splinterlands' cards have held value quite decently, I could end up burning a card that would rocket to 10x its value once beta packs have sold out!! I hate FOMO and especially hate kicking myself!

#BurningIsMurder and the only way I think I'll get over this hurdle would be to find a bot or service which took in cards and returned more value than just burning in-game would provide. There used to be a few SteemMonsters bots around just like that but many have changed tactics or have shut-down due to the ever decreasing price of STEEM.
It might be cool to find a bot which gave back TRX and some DEC or I'd even just be happy with burning for TRX. seems to always have beta packs slightly cheaper than the going rate from the site market, so I've enjoyed being able to use TRX to buy booster packs - the packs have increased in price though of course and will only increase in value, which brings me to my last point.

Beta Pack HODLing

The itch to unwrap packs is so strong for me that if I have any packs I need to open them RIGHT NOW. However I know that if the cards are valuable, a beta pack will be all the more valuable once they are no longer created from the game. Anyone who still has unopened beta packs kicking around after they sell out will be able to make quite a substantial ROI, especially the longer they HODL them.

What I need is some kind of trusted Escrow service where I can send my unopened packs to and make a contract saying that I can't have them sent back to me until after a certain date or a certain number of weeks after the last pack is sold. I would be willing to send unopened packs there and once they are out of sight, they would be more or less out of mind and not cause me to get that itch to open them! Otherwise I fear I am doomed with the urge to open any future packs I purchase. I'd love to be able to hold at least one unopened for a while after they sell out... Guess we'll have to see what happens!

Well, that's where I'm at on my Splinterlands journey so far. I've been playing for about a month now and not reaching Silver I think is pretty sad, but I get closer and closer each season - if only by a few points!

Oh! I'm still guildless too, because no guilds want to take someone as shitty as me!

If you know of any guilds looking for losers, or know of any bots that provide a better for sending cards over than burning cards provides, please let me know in the comments!

See you on the battle field!

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