Splinterlands - Naga Fire Wizard (Weekly Battle)

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I am leading into a fight that I use Naga Fire Wizard with a win. Although it was only a silver league rating I still think it was a nice battle to show and be happy about.


The battle limited with 32 mana with taking side rule set. I led off with Cerberus, follow up with Giant Roc, Naga Fire Wizard, Goblin Shaman, Flame Imp, and finish off with Pyromancer. The focus I have is to align monsters that could attack in the first round. A mix of melee, magic and range monsters all together. My opponent did something similar but used the water splinter. They started with Sea Monster, Spineback Turtle, Sea Genie, Crustacean King, Pirate Captain, and finish of with Water Elemental.

Battle Results

After one round my opponent's Sea Monster is knocked out but my Cerberus only had 1 health left. In normal fashion by end of second round Cerberus was knocked out, but so was my Roc. In return my opponent's Spineback is knocked out. Now going into round 3 its 4 versus 4.


As the battle progresses it comes down to my Naga that withstands range attack and essentially holds off my opponent from advancing.


Naga's shield ability help limit the range damage and the remaining monsters in my formation finished off my opponent.


Naga Fire Wizard came up big at a crucial time when I need it. In the middle of the formation but able to withstand my opponent's attacks Naga became a tanker at the right time. Another nice thing about the battle was how I was originally over powered in formation. What I mean by this was my opponent had all level 4 monsters except for 1 in Water Elemental while I only had one level 4 monster. I was going into the battle with the lower cost formation but came out victorious.

If you are interested in watching the battle please click link to watch. Thanks for reading.



Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Wow, you really had a fantastic strategy there on the battlefield.
The "Shield" ability of the Naga Fire Wizard is cool, isn't it?
Well done.

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