Questing for LIFE - Stardate 02-12-2020 In the year of our Lord

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Today's Goal: Get into Diamond League III if at all possible

The Life Quest

Battling today was somewhat curious in that most of my opponents were rated much lower than me..... and were mostly using Level Ones.... and seemed like probably bots?

Except for @trevorlp97. Who defeats me far more often than otherwise. He was one of my two losses, out of approx 20 battles..... Check out his madd skillz:


Good win, @trevorlp97. As usual.

And then I pressed on to Diamond 3 !

Yes, it's true - I made it back into Diamond 3. As I already said, I had to win a lot of battles to get there since my rating was not increasing all that much with each victory. But I finally prevailed.

Here's the battle that got me in:


My fancy Diamond 3 Loot Box


A Legendary Fallen Specter! And one of the new Rewards cards, Warrior of Peace. Plus some other Commons and Potions and DEC. Did I get my Legendary due to the Potions? No way to know.... but glad that it happened. :)

Closing Thoughts

Time for me to get battling again. I'll hopefully have another post up here before too long, depending on how my battling questing today goes. I have Fire Quest, which means Magnor should get to do some stomping.... Yay! Is it possible for me to get into Diamond II League for the first time ever before the season ends?? Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading. :)

And, for anyone interested in getting started playing Splinterlands, check it out here today:


Congratulations for getting into the Diamond league! I just barely got into Gold league and I am already peeing in my pants with all the mad leagues. I want to stay in the gold league until the season ends! LOL

Thanks. :) Pretty excited about it, and I managed to stay there in my most recent quest that I haven't posted yet.

Congrats on Gold. :) Keep up the good !monster work.

Malric Inferno
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