The Dragon Quest - Stardate 02-05-2020 In the year of our Lord

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Big Shiny Gloridax Revenge Day

The funny thing about Dragon Questing is....

.... that all of my opponents can also choose the Dragon splinter. Though, this time around only a few of my opponents did -- Daria Dragonscale all three times. She beat me two out of three times, so seems like a good choice. :) Daria also looks like Link from Zelda, in my opinion. But three dimensional. :)


I do not use Daria very often, however, because I only have a Level 1. Instead I used my Level 3 Drake of Arnak for all my battles today. The +1 Shield is nice. :)


Does a 2245 Rating vs a 2626 Rating Make Sense? But at least it worked out okay. Watch it here


Level 8 Loot Chest (Gold II)


I used my Legendary potions from yesterday's quest and got zero Legendaries. But I did get a Gold Rare Battle Orca with no potion-assistance. Yay! Plus Alchemy (Gold) Potions for next time.

Speaking of Next Time....

You've probably heard that these fancy new Loot Chests are being tweaked almost immediately due to player feedback. Here's the Official Splinterlands Post for your reading pleasure. Pretty much, they're still going to keep doing the Loot Chests but provide them in a way that us !monster battlers will hopefully find to be more transparent. I guess we'll find out later today. Yay.

Thanks for reading. :)

And, for anyone interested in getting started playing Splinterlands, check it out here today:


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Frozen soldier, GIF created by @clove71

Congrats on your new Gold Battle Orca !monster.

Malric Inferno
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