Water Quest (Pirate Attack!) - Stardate 02-10-2020 In the year of our Lord

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Yo Ho Ho - It's a Water Life for Me!


I like my Water !monster cards, and Bortus is a useful Summoner. I think I would generally prefer plus one magic (for me) to minus one magic (for them), but both are nice. :) I was able to win my first 4 battles before getting stomped by @darthtyranus.

But then I was able to charge back with another 4 victories in a row -- both completing my Quest and climbing into Gold League 1. The fact that I was able to win my last battle with just Magnor and Furious Chicken made it sooooo much even better. :)


I made it back up to Gold League One


And maybe hopefully I really really want to make it back to Diamond 3 before the season ends?

My Rewards Haul

Ooooooh, the anticipation!

Should have kept the lids closed.....

What a letdown. :( :(

Closing Thoughts

If you've had some really great Loot Chests so far this season, please share them with me in the Comments? I'd like to see that other !monster fans are getting some good stuff even if today wasn't at all what I wanted in/from mine.

Thanks for reading.


And, for anyone interested in getting started playing Splinterlands, check it out here today: https://steemmonsters.com?ref=madwomaninattic


Well.. you bet 😂 I got the epic card again today... Just like before, funny isn't it?


You should keep doing your dq and rank up to diamond 3 again. 3 more days to go and good luck!

Congrats! And some Rares and an Essence Orb, too!

And I did make it back into Diamond 3. Maybe Diamond 2 is also possible this season?

Guess we'll see what I can do with my !monster teams....


Congrats on your Gold 1. Hope you get Diamond today.

Three Cheers for the Bonecrushers Guild!!!

Sorry your !monster Rewards weren't more exciting. Mine haven't been much more than potions yet this season. But I did get this new Dead Rexx yesterday. Check out my post about it?


Woot for the Bonecrushers. Every day we're battling.

Nice Undead Rexx !monster. Looking forward to checking out your post.



Malric Inferno
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