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RE: Case Study: Splintertalk Curation and My 10% Downvote Rubric

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You don't have to kill a mountain lion to make a meal for someone in need.
You don't have to build a train to stand up for a weaker person as soon as it fills up in the morning.
I could go on all day...

Wasting your energy on censorship by downvoting makes you a better person, I'm sure. Props to you.



You've decided to go on a mission to regulate by using automated censorship via ur power, that undermines everything this platform is standing for in an ideologic and moral way.

You might wanna watch:

and then go over to rethink your actions while standing in front of a mirror.

Do not expect justice where might is right.

You might piss off one peson at a time, but you treat whole groups of people unfair and that to be said, I muted you - and that will stay that way forever now. Goodbye.

Oh good.

...that undermines everything this platform is standing for in an ideologic and moral way.

Did you miss the part of the platform where downvotes were baked into the system, specifically for when another stakeholder disagrees with the rewards that are allocated to a post, for whatever reason that stakeholder desires?

It’s called “subjective value” and it’s how content is ultimately ranked/rewarded on Steem. So no, downvoting doesn’t “undermine” anything at all. In and of itself, it’s neither an ideological nor a moral decision. It’s almost purely an economic one.

If you have any questions about these concepts and how they pertain to Steem, I would suggest reading the relevant sections of the Steem whitepaper.


With huge Power, you can silence any small account here and all it takes is just your downvotes. I mean you do disagree with me, go ahead and downvote all my content so that I'm screwed, easy.

You do that for some short time, also add your bots to it, my rep will drop very low and none can even read my comments anymore very soon. That would be fun.