Can You Solve the Word Puzzle for a Real Prize?

in #splinterlandslast month


Just unscramble the four words, then with the circled letters of the correct words unscramble those
letters to answer the funny question

Each correct word for 1,2,3,4 is worth 500 dec at Splinterlands

Solve the question for 1000 DEC

Having trouble? Invite your friends to help because nobody gets their prize until all words are
unscrambled :)

Not a member of splinterlands yet? Why not it's the greatest blockchain game ever!

The first one to put the correct word in channel #wordcord wins!

You just need to have the correct word for 1,2,3,4 or final answer

To encourage group participation you can only win one word, but if you know the others you can help friends!

Join discord to participate

This new game is part of a drive to increase members to 3 discords Blockchain Gaming Cardauctionz Astral Entities

The three above have a dec bonus just for joining

Astral Entities even has a contest right now to drive discord membership! Join their discord to find out more.

  1. waffle

  2. preoccupied

  3. hatchet

  4. earthling

  5. high paw

I've just spend 30 minutes working this out, then I've just seen your message, well at least I have the same answer as you 😁

I had a lot of fun making it, I like the punny solution but I think I need a harder game

I will look out for your next one 😁

and i had a lot of fun comming up with the answers,i'll be waiting for the next one.thank you marcus.

yes sir you got em all!

the rest are pretty hard lol my brain is hurt😆

I really enjoyed making this game but I think I have to come up with something harder