CrypticClues 2.1 Starting Now Get One Free Guess!

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Make it to discord:
channel #discordgames

Take a free guess and win 20,000 DEC if you're lucky
Your guess is texted by a letter then number in the discord channel

Prefer to take an educated guess than wait for clues

You Only Get One Guess!

If you don't know what DEC is and how it equals real money then join free:
Join Splinterlands Free


See what we were up to last game:

Clues may appear at twitter, discord, facebook, twitch, and/or hive blog but not limited to

Clues will be labeled with example 1.1 so you know which round they are for

P.S. Correct answer has been time stamped in a private discord, legit contest
Want to get a crypticclues NFT shovel and have a guess everyday?
Let me know they sell for the low price of 4,000 DEC :)
Price goes higher after one sells
Shovel rules are subject to change after 2.1