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Prize Pool 26,500 DEC CAN GO HIGHER
500 DEC added 05/06/2021
Projected Prize Pay Out
50% @randumb 22% alright 22% @santirami 3% gigas 1% grosh 1% The-Worst-Waifu 1% koition
You can enter at anytime but of course you can't take 1st now it's 2/3 over

Object: Guess the three cards above as they are revealed and given clues.

Above are 3 Splinterlands Cards. They won't change until this round is over. If you want to play this round and get a share
of the prize pool then jump in free. There is no entry cost. A captain will be selected
to make decisions for the group or majority vote will rule.

If your captain takes a guess or a majority vote consensus takes a guess and is wrong then the prize pool will lower 1,000 DEC.

Captains will be elected by majority vote or by the largest participator.

Prizes will be handed out by percentage that I deem your contribution.
Player X helped solve the clues the most and did the most upvoting, social media likes, follows, retweets, reblogs etc. so player x gets the largest percentage and so on

Here is the great news!
More people playing increases the prize pool
The more social media interaction with the game by players the faster clues appear and the faster top secret blockers are removed

To participate you must be in discord:

You can only text communicate at the channel #discordgames when chatting about the game at discord
we need to be highly organized

Clues may appear at twitter, discord, facebook, twitch, and/or hive blog but not limited to

Clues will be labeled with example 1.1 so you know which round they are for and which card
we are on by the 2nd number
Clues will talk about the cards

A clue example:
crypticclues 1.2 The 2nd card is above 2 mana

Enter the game at anytime, but your overall contribution is considered for prizes.

It is FREE to play this game. However, my awarding of prizes does cost me so your upvotes and twitter/facebook love are appreciated. Remember, prizes pay attention to your help spreading the game to others in addition to helping solve the puzzle.


crypticclues 1.3 The third card has meelee damage that it can do


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