Free Splinterlands Tournament! Unlocked See How!

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If you're bronze or lower ranked it's a 100% free tournament with real prizes!
If you're higher it's just 100 DEC to enter.

We're trying tournaments with passwords:

  1. Click the public events drop down menu
  2. Select private events
  3. Find our tournament with the cardauctionz logo


Check the twitch the day before the tournament or the day of to get the password.

Here is an example of me giving the password for a tournament
time 02:27 in video

it's for an old one, the passwords change

We have been doing the tournaments at 3:30PM Central

At the very least you just learned how to find private tournaments!


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Hey! What's the Twitch Link Again? <<---Click


hey @marcuswahl, tried signing up as a bronze league player but 100 DEC was still deducted from my account

You should have been refunded, I reset them up, the cost to get in should be .01 dec, they don't let me do zero

hmm is the password no longer same as this video? @marcuswahl

the twitch's keep moving forward so the video is now an old one that you probably saw

I cant find the password

I think I found ya elsewhere you got it now