Splinterlands Fight or Chat for Your Share of the DEC Prize Bomb! 3PM Central Daily. It's free too!

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Be present when the collective DEC prize bomb goes off at the show. You can just say hi and watch if that is all you want to do! It's free.
Multiple bombs can be won
A prize bomb starts at 100 DEC and can get as high as 50,000 for a single one
Oh Great Players of Splinterlands Don't Leave Your Players Without Prizes
They Need Heros and are counting on YOU!

In the first ten minutes everyone appearing at twitch adds 150 DEC to the pool!
After that spectators that show up add 100 DEC. You don't count if you don't say hi.

Where to go:

Da Bomb



Our search for the best splinterlands fighters:

Challenge username cardauctionz.com at the twitch to win a prize bomb for the whole group to share
Be careful, losing subtracts 100 DEC from the pool

Need Help Challenging?
Click the RIGHT ARROW that is right of ranked
Under opponent enter cardauctionz.com
For level limits select Bronze or Novice
Click SEND

Continue to win for the crowds and you might make the Colosseum Hall of Fame
Champion gladiators include:

Learn strategy in splinterlands by watching the champions!

For a prize bomb to go off there must be 15 active watchers
If there is 30 active watchers prize bombs are 2x
45 active watchers and prize bombs are 3x

Are you not getting a discount on your splinterlands cards? You're paying full price? Don't do that silly, go to https://cardauctionz.com/market

How to Market Video
How to Login

It works just like the splinterlands market.
Supporting the market helps support your prizes!


How does one receive part of the prize bomb? I partook in your stream yesterday and even managed to beat you in one challenge (out of 3 though lol). But I never received any DEC. Not a big deal, but just want to understand what I need to do to receive in case others are having the same issue.

At the end of the stream he collects in-game names for payouts.

hi bud I only missed ya because when I asked for splinterlands usernames for the collective pool distribution you might have left or been distracted. Let's just say you have to be at the twitch when the bomb blows up :) I hope that explains it.