Splinterlands Player Captures 2nd Bronze Coin! Who will get the silver on the way to $1110.00 USD?



Player Amaari pulled off back to back tournament wins by defeating @thegcc to claim his 2nd bronze coin!

Will Amaari sell, trade, or hold his coins?

A player must trade in all 4 coins(a complete set) bronze, silver, gold, and diamond to claim the growing USD prize (currently $1,110 USD)

Following rounds of trade in after the first claim will start back at 1,000.00 USD

It's easy to try for one! Just sign up for a single elimination cardauctionz training grounds tournament and win that tournament to get the corresponding color of coin by league!

Make sure to catch the silver tournament coming July 25th having a $139 USD (dec) prize pool and a shot at the silver coin!


Check the Tournaments Page Now


The only thing needed to claim a coin is follow on twitch and come into the twitch live to claim your coin!

Free DEC goes out everyday at the daily 3pm central twitch

Known Splinterlands Pros Byzantinist, Jace, Splinterlands-RU are excluded from winning coins.

A special blacksmith has been summoned to create your colosseum diamond coins!


Please show support to the cardauctionz splinterlands card market where you get a 3% + cash back bonus just for using the site(the largest in the industry). It takes dec and credits(toggle back and forth in the top right).

The developer is working on a new design, auctions, safe trade, pack opening tool, and pack discounts. All are valuable to splinterlands.

How to Market Video
How to Login

How to Build Your Splinterlands Collection and Be on the Way to Winning
Turning DEC into USD
How to quickly and easily use WAX
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