Splinterlands Super Human Giveaway of Crypto! What Happened?

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Fun, Free Crypto Splinterlands Twitch Starting 4pm Central

The current max potential advertising budget for every single show is 70.00 USD right now!

New! For our passive viewers that don't want to do anything at random times
random viewers will win the same thing a winning challenge player does (Prize Wheel)
Just be able to answer me in chat with your splinterlands username(where to send your free prize)

Catch the show at 4pm Central Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

  1. MULTIPLE packs always awarded free
  2. Increase followers by 3 Goal met during show 1 random pack released
  3. If we hit 25 viewers actively watching the gold card value doubles!!
  4. Offer a challenge to me bronze or novice no risk to you
    Win that challenge and get guaranteed 500 DEC, or potential gold card alpha clay golem!, or potential pack!!
    How to Challenge: In splinterlands click the right arrow next to ranked, it will change to challenge, click invite,
    send to @marcuswahl , choose your league level and hit send
  5. Spectators are also randomly chosen to fight each other for a prize, prize amount to be determined

Splinterlands Twitch

Don't have a twitch account? Just open one for free!

Alpha members don't have to answer in chat for their prize, (upgraded twitch members)